The aim of “Rev’Anthro” is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly online journals of anthropology and ethnology.
These resources are free and publish research or review papers in full text.

Tipití : Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America

Tipití: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America
is the only refereed journal entirely dedicated to lowland South America. Tipití is increasingly recognized as an established and cutting-edge journal for lowland South American anthropology scholarship. Although lowland South American anthropology is far from being a unified, homogeneous field of research, it is renewing anthropological thinking on a number of issues through its debates and its diversity. And although various schools of Amazonian anthropology, rooted in different national traditions, co-exist today, they all share the same commitment to ethnography, as well as the view that it is through advancing cross-cultural comparative research that lowland South American specialists will contribute to anthropological theory. Tipití is committed to providing a space for such a diverse intellectual meeting-ground.

Ichan Tecolotl

Ichan Tecolotl, revista de divulgación enfocada en temas de antropología, ciencias sociales y humanidades, editada por el Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS), México.

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, is an international peer-reviewed, open-access online journal which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline.



Amazonía Peruana

Amazonía Peruana es una revista anual, se edita desde 1977 por el Centro Amazónico de Antropología y Aplicación Práctica, dedicada a la Antropología y las Ciencias Sociales, en general, de la región amazónica.

Journal of Ethnobiology

The Journal of Ethnobiology invites manuscripts based on original research in any area of ethnobiology, the interdisciplinary study of past and present relationships between humans and their biological worlds. Topics include but are not limited to: paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology, ethnobotany, ethnozoology, ethnoecology, linguistic ethnobiology, and other related fields of study within anthropology and biology.

Anthropology of this century


Anthropology of this Century (AOTC) publishes  reviews of recent works in anthropology and related  disciplines, as well as occasional feature articles. The  publisher and editor of AOTC is Charles Stafford.



La revista Runa, archivo para las ciencias del hombre es una publicación del Instituto de Ciencias Antropológicas –ICA– de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Está abierta a autores nacionales y extranjeros que desarrollen sus investigaciones en el campo de la antropología biológica, antropología social, etnología, etnohistoria y folklore.

Cultural Anthropology


Cultural Anthropology is the peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association.

Cultural Anthropology publishes ethnographic writing informed by a wide array of theoretical perspectives, innovative in form and content, and focused on both traditional and emerging topics.