The aim of “Rev’Anthro” is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly online journals of anthropology and ethnology.
These resources are free and publish research or review papers in full text.

Journal of Indigenous Social Development

The Journal of Indigenous Social Development (JISD) is committed to advancing education, practice, research and policymaking relevant to indigenous peoples’ social and economic wellbeing. JISD is a peer-reviewed journal published exclusively in open-access electronic form. The Journal provides a forum for scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplines to expand knowledge and develop dialogue relevant to indigenous communities globally. Intended to reflect diverse communities and perspectives, the editorial board, special issues editors, and reviewers include: Elders and leaders of indigenous communities, community-based practitioners, policymakers, university educators and researchers.

Journal of Video Ethnography

Journal of Video Ethnography is a venture of DePaul University's Social Science Research Center, Chicago. The aim of this peer review is to advance the social scientific use of video/film as a method for exploring human society, systems, and cultures and as a medium for presenting the findings of those explorations.

The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography

The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography (JUE) is an online publication for undergraduate academic writing. The JUE seeks to distribute original scholarly ethnographies from a variety of disciplinary areas. Our goal is to bring readers, especially other undergraduates, insights into subcultures, rituals, and social institutions.

Ethnographic Encounters

Ethnographic Encounters was founded in 2011. It is an undergraduate e-journal which provides a platform for the work of the Social Anthropology students of the University of St Andrews.

Global Ethnographic

Global Ethnographic is a general interest, peer reviewed web journal featuring the field research and perspectives shaping our social world.

The Applied Anthropologist

The High Plains Society for Applied Anthropologist has published some version of a professional journal almost since its inception. For many years the journal was called The High Plains Applied Anthropologist; in 2005 this was changed to simply The Applied Anthropologist, recognizing its appeal to academics and practitioners both within and beyond the High Plains region. In fact, the journal publishes articles from authors throughout the U.S. and beyond, on many aspects of applied anthropology and related fields.

Cargo. Revue Internationale d’Anthropologie Culturelle et Sociale

Cargo, revue du Centre d'anthropologie culturelle CANTHEL, centre de recherche en ethnologie de la Faculté des Sciences humaines et sociales - Sorbonne, Paris, France.

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, is an international peer-reviewed, open-access online journal which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline.

International Journal of Research in Sociology and Social Anthropology [IJRSSA]

The International Journal of Research in Sociology and Social Anthropology is an open access peer-reviewed journal. The journal accepts the research papers from the diverse fields of sociology, social anthropology and allied disciplines. The quality research in the areas of social work, public health, rural development, environmental studies, tourism, disaster management, communication and media studies is also invited for its publication in the journal.

Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology publishes articles that represent anthropological research, critical analysis, and academic writing of the very highest order.